Wharton International Volunteer Program


Summer 2009 Projects


Aziz’s Place, Cambodia

Community Advancement Society of Nepal, Nepal
Project Leader: Christoph Weber

The Community Advancement Society of Nepal is an NGO focused on helping rural Nepalese in central and southern Nepal become more self-dependent through aid activities including education on health, sanitation, agriculture, animal husbandry, and the development of other income generating activities.  The group also offers English training and supports schools and orphanages.

Scope: WIVP will be working with CAS Nepal to develop and implement a microfinance strategy and a marketing plan for various health and environmental programs that the organization offers.

BAIF, India
Sawangboran, Thailand
Chi Em
, Vietnam


APE, Egypt MICRODEC, Cameroon Voices of Voiceless, Ghana Africa Cons. Trust, Kenya Technoserve, Kenya Volunteer Kenya, Kenya Education Trust, Liberia AFRICAGIR, Senegal Universal Unity, Sudan Bagamoyo, Tanzania RZHRG, Zambia

, BoliviaCDI, BrazilTropical Adv., Costa RicaProject Racine, HaitiXcalak Reef, Mexico